Craft ice

for high-end establishments

A well-crafted cocktail and crystal-clear ice create stunning synergy that can’t be ignored. We make statements, not excuses, and the only corners we cut are ice blocks. We provide a personable customer service experience and treat clients like family. We don’t just filter and freeze water into ice: we create decadent masterpieces that are simply unforgettable.

elevated experience

Carefully crafted to achieve the highest standard. Doggery Craft Ice unites precision with elegance, creating ice for drinking establishments, restaurants, hotels, and home connoisseurs. We are dedicated to the balance between a well-crafted cocktail and smooth, hand-cut ice. We pride ourselves on the quality and clarity of our burgs, and we establish strong relationships with our clients to ensure that quality customer service is our top priority, every time.

The Perfect Burg

Expertly filtered, carefully frozen, and neatly stored; our ice undergoes an intricate process to ensure our taste and clarity is unbeatable. At Doggery Craft Ice, our burgs are meticulously cared for and inspected for perfection. We craft the most ideal crystal-clear blocks, spheres, or custom shapes; adding a distinguished flair to any craft cocktail.

  • Doggery Punch Burgs
    Doggery Punch Burgs

    Cut to any size, (Max 10x20x40 inches).

    Our large burgs are typically used for punch bowls at parties, but may also be used for custom carving.

  • Doggery Standards
    Doggery Standards

    4 options available:
    Classic Burg
    (1.75 inch)
    Classic Tall Burg
    (1.75 x 1.75 x 2.25 inch)
    Classic Large Burg
    (2 inch)
    High Ball Sticks
    (1x5”) or (1.125x5”) or (1.25 x 5”)

  • Doggery Spheres
    Doggery Spheres

    2 options available:
    55 mm Sphere
    65 mm Sphere

    No matter the glass, our ice will always fit.


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Local delivery

Fast delivery that doesn’t compromise quality. Our shipping containers keep your ice cool and maintain clarity and shape.


Training & Education

For the ice enthusiast. We offer training and education to ensure that your ice stays perfect through every step of the drink-making process.


Bar Master Tools

Want to craft your own ice? We offer tools to select clients, allowing you to dazzle friends, family, and clients alike.


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